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Employers - It Could Happen To You

Why employers should still be mindful despite removal of strict liability

At a glance

• Employers must continue to meet health and safety obligations or face falling foul of the law

• Recent changes reinforce need for firms to keep up to date records

• Our expertise can help customers work their way through health and safety legislation and offer risk management guidance to help minimise risks

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A sobering thought for pubs with beer gardens

Our friends at Zurich Insurance have just sent us this news update
• As winter recedes from view and the summer approaches, pub landlords will need to check outside furniture and fittings for damage to ensure their premises
are fit for purpose

• Storm damage to smoking shelters was one of the most common claims Zurich received over the winter

• Any new activities or services for a pub – such as adding a temporary bouncy castle, barbeque or hosting a fireworks display – could have implications on their
existing insurance

When you are out and about enjoying a drink in a pub garden you may think about this and if any pub landlords you know who want our expert help and guidance please refer them to Real Insurance Solutions

Unoccupied Property? Not a Problem

Insurance solutions for vacant residential and commercial properties

Did you know that our friends at Aqua have a unique offering for those hard to place unoccupied residential & commercial properties?

They differentiate from other offerings by the choice they offer:- •    Full perils or Fire Lightning Earthquake Aircraft only

  • 3, 6 or 12 month policies
  • £2m or £5m Property Owners Liability
  • Choice of Excesses

You can also expect

  • Contract certain terms readily available
  • Swift turnaround in line with your deadline
  • Competitive premiums
  • Accommodation of risks undergoing minor works, refurbishment & renovation

If you would like to know or more or want a quotation please contact us

If you think a professional is expensive, wait 'til you try an amateur.

Deep Trouble

Quarter of Flood Claims Face Risk of Rejection declared the Sunday Times on 9 March 2014. It found that many household policies contain an exclusion for groundwater-related flood, which is the source of around 25% of flooding in 2014 according to recent figures from the Environment Agency. Policies from Admiral, Esure and Co-op were mentioned in the article.

Read more: If you think a professional is expensive, wait 'til you try an amateur.

Latest Trend on Burglary

Don't let this happen to you

It’s quite astonishing to hear what lengths thieves will now go to in order to achieve the ‘perfect crime’. The latest organised criminals are adopting a method known as the ‘sticker scam’ using transparent stickers, metal detectors and jiffy bags!

Initially, the thieves will undertake a detailed surveillance of the area and will target homes they consider to be the most vulnerable in terms of weak security and potential rewards from gold or jewellery. They may do a leaflet drop to identify those homes that present a good target, discreetly attaching a sticker to the letterbox whilst doing so. An organised gang will then return the next day to carry out their mission on those homes that have been so marked. Once inside, they then deploy their next ‘tool of trade’; the metal detector, specifically looking for gold and jewellery to detect such items in a very short space of time. With the items located, they are then immediately placed in ‘cash for gold’ envelopes and use runners to take the envelopes to a post box. That way, they will have no stolen goods on their person or even in their homes if they are subsequently searched by the Police, leaving little evidence with which to incriminate them.

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What to do if there is more flooding

Flood Guidance

What to do if there is more flooding

You will want to protect your business

Pre-Flood check-list – steps to consider if flooding is likely

If the worst should happen and your business premises are flooded then advice is at hand

Post-flood check-list – steps to be taken if your business premises are flooded

Click here for more information, provided by our Insurer Partners RSA

Similar information is available for Personal (Household) Insurance upon request from Real Insurance Solutions

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